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This page contains actual parent and staff comments about our centers.

“After moving to NC from Louisiana, we were nervous about putting our then 2-year-old in a new daycare. We visited Building Blocks within hours of arriving to town and fell in love with it. We visited several other centers, but we knew we would ultimately pick Building Blocks. The staff was helpful getting our son enrolled and has always answered our questions with smiles on their faces. Our son loves his teachers and classmates and is always surprising us with how much he is learning. We love the emphasis on faith, family, and friendships this center provides.” – Samantha

“Our experience with Building Blocks was perfect from the day we started. Madison and Nicholas were treated as family and there is not a single moment that I can recall dropping them off and not feeling comfortable. You all have graciously welcomed them into your arms and gave us such comfort. Since moving here to Ohio and looking for a new daycare for them, I wanted you all to know how TRULY OUSTANDING and PHENOMENAL you all really are. I know we had it good when we were there, but I can now say that we were spoiled…When I say that, I mean that we have been unable to find ANYONE in this area that will meet the bar that you have set forth in care of children. We have visited and talked to several daycares already and are extremely worried that we won’t receive that same comforts you all have given us with Maddy and Nick. I have even enrolled in school to get my ECE associates to go along with my business degree with the intent to open up a daycare that will meet my standards (basically yours!!!). Please continue to do what you do and hold that bar high – eventually the rest of the world will catch up. In the meantime – can you guys please pick up the center and come move here for us??????? Thank you so much for the awesome service you guys have given to us and the surrounding community. God bless you all!!” – Sarah & Anthony

“To the managers and lovely ladies at the desk,
Thank you for all you do at BBEEC and for my daughter. Although you never had to interact with her, you always went out of your way to greet her, wave to her, say goodbye, ask her how she was, and even play with her. You all go above and beyond what we could have wished for. Thank you for everything. We will miss stopping in and seeing you all. God bless!” – Christa and Adam

“Wow my family has so much experience with BBEEC and FCS, my son Ben started at 2 and is now at FCS in the 4th grade and he is doing great. He also was in the After School Program in Hope Mills this summer, he begged me every day to take him so he could play in the water tree on the courtyard playground. I moved to Fayetteville 6 years ago looking for a Christian environment first and foremost. I enrolled my daughter in the 9th grade at Fayetteville Christian School and they had just started BBEEC so my son went there. He loved it and I loved the staff and how everyone has looked out for my children like family both are truly special. I have watched them grow and improve every year. My daughter went on to receive a full academic scholarship from NC State and is currently in her junior year with a 4.25 GPA and #1 in her major. My son sings and has all ‘A’s except one 92 on his last report card, he tells me every day how excited he is to go to school. We are so blessed to be a part of this ministry; they have certainly done a great job preparing my children. Not only did I get a wonderful Christian environment but first-rate academic preparation for them both.” – Betsy

“We are cooks at BBEEC in Raeford and it pleases our hearts so dearly when we bring the children their food and they say eat, eat, it means so much. We love them dearly, may God bless and watch over each one of them.” – Ms. Daisy & Ms. Emma

Daycare Center in Fayetteville, NC

“Working with children is my life and being able to come to a job I love is truly a blessing. I love my three-year-old class and they are a challenge, but what would my job be without a little excitement. A challenge to me is success and being able to watch my children accomplish something is an eye-opening experience that will last a lifetime to me.” – Latasha

“Working with children can sometimes be very challenging but it is truly a blessing! Everyday I come to work I pray that I have touched their lives in some kind of way! It is also a joy to see their face light up when we learn something new!” – Nekeda

“I would like to submit a letter of praise for Ms. Star, my son Logan’s teacher at your facility. He was cared for at home since birth but this summer we moved and I accepted a great job outside the home. I had a hard time finding the correct facility until I toured yours. From the first day, Ms. Star treated my child as if he was her own; she was patient and tender with him, even though he had a hard time adjusting initially to a day care setting and was not very social. Since then, he has blossomed, his speech is wonderful and he is potty trained and very social. I attribute these characteristics to his interactions every day with Ms. Star. She is engaging, loving, understanding and compassionate with all of her students. She truly understands what they are feeling and helps them choose the correct actions with her gentle and fun-loving activities. I have always felt extremely blessed that my son was assigned to her class and just wanted to pass this on to you as her employees how I feel.” – Jennifer

“To Building Blocks, the past 3 years had truly been a success because God gave me you. First time being a mom, new city and yet my fears of leaving my child were at ease because I always knew she was in great hands. Thank you for all you have done for Gracelyn and I. I am forever grateful. You really have enriched our lives. Best wishes and thank you again!!” – Jessica & Gracelyn

“I just thought you should know what wonderful influences [the teachers and administrators] are in our little one’s lives…They are 100% invested in not only my child, but all of the children in their class. I am so appreciative of everyone at the center that has worked directly or indirectly with [my child]. I have had two children go through the NC Pre-K curriculum at this center. The staff is very friendly! The teachers are fantastic! They really care about the students and go out of their way to be helpful and involved with the children and their families. The facility is always clean. The locked door and passcode entrance helps keep our kids safe. I am so grateful to everyone that has been involved with my children! I highly recommend this center” – Daisha
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